Hurricanes and tornados are what most people say when thinking of causes of storm damage. However, a weak tropical system, an isolated thunderstorm or gusty winds can bring a significant amount of damage to a home or business.

Property damage caused by severe weather can not only be devastating to you and your family, repairing it can be a complex undertaking and requires a company that specializes in this area to successfully bring your home back to its pre-loss condition. Supreme Landscaping has the necessary specialists to help.


Our company is trained to provide specialized emergency clean-up services and restoration to bring your property back to normal in a fast way with minimal interruption. We can handle any damage due to severe weather, including:


• Thunderstorms
• Lightning strikes
• Hurricanes
• Tornados and high winds
• Hail and ice storms
• Freezing weather and ice dams


Supreme Landscaping is always available – 24 / 7. We are experts in providing emergency services and restoring your property with minimal disruption to your everyday life.

If your property has experienced damage from a storm, call the experts at Supreme Landscaping. We have all the necessary machinery. You can see our equipment through the following link: OUR EQUIPMENT



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