Seasonal Clean-Ups are generally done at the beginning, middle, and the end of the season.

Just as spring cleaning is a good idea for the inside of your house, it is vital to your property as well. Our spring service focuses on cleanup of accumulated dead grass, leaves and other debris from your lawn and flower beds. Our spring service manicures your property and prepares a healthy foundation for your plants for the upcoming season. 

Spring Clean-Up include raking and removing remaining leaves from lawn and garden areas that were left over from the previous Fall. A good Spring Clean-Up will get your property ready for the upcoming season. 

Mid-summer pruning is suggested to keep you plant material nicely shaped throughout the entire growing season. 

In the fall, we prepare your property for winter and for the following spring. Allowing leaves to remain on your lawn during fall and winter promotes leaf mold and prevents sunlight and water from reaching the roots of your lawn. The result: an unhealthy spring lawn. Fall service includes collection and removal of leaves, sticks and debris from your lawn and bed areas. Additional services include cutting back grass and perennials, if desired. All collected debris are removed from your property, or, if requested, moved to your composting area. 

Fall Clean-Up includes aeration and removing leaves after the majority of leaves have fallen. Cutting back perennials, ornamental grasses and winterizing delicate shrubs are on request. 


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