Company Background

Supreme Landscaping has been operating in the Edmonton and surrounding areas since 1988. During the past years, Supreme has received numerous beautification awards from LANTA as well as the City of Edmonton. We take a great deal of pride in our sites whether they are commercial, residential, or industrial and we have the experience and knowledge to maintain your sites to their full potential. 

As professionals in landscape management, Supreme Landscaping has the equipment and experience to handle all of your ground maintenance needs. Our qualified staff can serve you in all areas of landscaping; mowing, fertilizing, pruning, insect and weed control. Since we operate year round, snow removal in the winter is available as well. We own the equipment to maintain both large and small sites: commercial and residential. We offer monthly contracts where immediate service is priority and 24 hours standby time is required. On call service is also offered. 

Supreme Landscaping employs between fifty and sixty people. With the company continually expanding we require our employees to have experience and education in the landscaping and snow removal industry. 

Crew and Equipment

about us 02Supreme Landscaping maintains a large fleet of equipment and a full service mechanic shop. This allows us to address equipment failures immediately and effectively with options to quickly replace equipment from our fleet if required. 

Our crews are capable of executing a multitude of projects on a timely basis in order to meet all expectations of our clients. We employee experienced mechanics to ensure equipment is available for all jobs and to ensure our crews can provide excellent service. 

Equipment calibration and maintenance will occur on a regular basis to ensure proper performance of equipment. 

Supreme Landscaping has numerous crews implemented for all aspects of the horticultural and landscaping industry. From licensed pesticide applicators, experienced landscapers, equipment operators, and many specialized crews to provide immediate responses to all inquiries posed by our clients. 

Additional crewmembers may be added to address challenges associated with weather or specific duties such as landscaping/pruning/etc. 

Key Requirements for Success

  1.  Efficient and Effective communication
  2.  A safety oriented workplace
  3.  Clear understanding of specifications and governing regulations
  4.  Modern equipment fleet
  5.  A stable and knowledgeable work force
  6.  The capacity to deliver services within the specified requirements
  7.  A positive and professional attitude from the entire team

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