Mulch beautifies your landscape while providing important benefits for your garden. Installing and refreshing mulch can also be strenuous work!.

Nothing makes your landscape stand out better than a new layer of mulch applied to all the beds. Supreme Landscaping mulch installations include edging the existing beds, removing weeds that have taken root, and applying a fresh layer of mulch with your choice of color. We can also create new beds anywhere you like.


We installed this landscape bed for a client who wanted to hide a utility box at the property without preventing access to it. The owner chose mock orange, a fast growing shrub with wonderfully fragrant flowers to fill in and provide a beautiful screen. The entire bed was mulched with a thick layer of compost, giving the new plants a healthy dose of nutrients.


Edging around beds, driveways and along a street curb is an important part of keeping your lawn looking perfectly groomed. A well-defined edge creates a clean, smooth line that enhances and defines your landscape.


Over time, landscaped beds can lose their clean edges and grass will encroach into the beds. Let Supreme Landscaping bring your beds back to their full potential by re-edging the beds, thus providing a new, deep edge that will not only make the beds look new again but will also prevent grass and weeds from moving in.



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