Regular lawn mowing encourages strong turf growth. Keeping the lawn at a groomed, uniform height ensures that the entire lawn receives an equal distribution of sun and water. Although we usually bag the clipppings, you have the option of asking us to mulch (return the clippings back to the soil) which sends nutrients back to the roots to help feed the lawn.

Every week, or every other week, we trim around all beds, plants, and other obstacles. We mow the entire lawn in a different direction each time to prevent wear patterns, aid in the "striped" look, and encourage upright growth habits. Finally, we blow off all debris from any hardscapes to leave your property looking meticulous every time.



Edging around beds, driveways and along a street curb is an important part of keeping your lawn looking perfectly groomed. A well-defined edge creates a clean, smooth line that enhances and defines your landscape.


Over time, landscaped beds can lose their clean edges and grass will encroach into the beds. Let Supreme Landscaping bring your beds back to their full potential by re-edging the beds, thus providing a new, deep edge that will not only make the beds look new again but will also prevent grass and weeds from moving in.



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